1 Hour: INR 2500

2 Hours: INR 5000

Additional  Hour: INR 1500

Dinner : INR 7000

Overnight (10 Hours): INR 15,000

A Day (24 Hours): INR 20,000

Weekend(48 Hours): INR 30,000

For A Week: POA


Overnight (10 Hours): INR 15,000

A Day (24 Hours): INR 30,000

Weekend (48 Hours): POA

For A Week: POA

An upfront payment of 50% is required for all sort of appointments longer than 4 hours and 100% upfront payment for outcalls in city with the end goal for me and my friends to keep my chance free for you in schedule, in addition to travel charges.

For out station appointments, please endeavor to give me an adequate notice between 1-2 weeks. 

The rest of the adjust for all sort of appointments is to be set in the restroom ledge or on a table in full view in an unsealed envelope and to be exchanged immediately upon arrival. Should meet in a public place, please welcome me or friends Delhi Female Escorts with gift, magazine or daily paper, tucked yet in an unsealed envelope and generously trade attentively quickly upon my landing. 

It is comprehended that as a high end buddy our time is significant, as yours and not to be surpassed without a suitable thought of my gift. Regardless of the chemistry that creates between us amid our date on the off chance that you might want to broaden your chance with me, please inquire as to whether opportunity is accessible and set yourself up ahead of time for what the extra thought of my gift will be to restrict any exchange to close to only a couple of words and keep making the most of date. 

Cash exchanged is for time and companionship just what may happen between two adults is their own decision. 

Cancellation: If wiping out or re-booking our engagement is important, please try to remain deferential of my opportunity and get in touch with me at your most punctual conceivable comfort.


Beyond Tact 
Regard, compliance and delicacy, I anticipate that aggregate submission will my will. I esteem secret and don’t wish to uncover on this site. You will be all the more astounded after finding my glorious sparkling bruised eyes, my compelling bent grin and the wild energy of my paws.  
My Custom Of Mystery 
Mystery is an indispensable part of S&M. The secret of two individuals who don’t have any acquaintance with each other, or so little, and at any rate never enough… one of whom willfully submits to My Law. Your submission to me generally starts with a custom planned to enable me to completely know and comprehend you and your fantasies. I will blindfold you and painstakingly tune in to your breath and heartbeats, and additionally feel your body shuddering under my fingers … to better evaluate what your body and brain will have the capacity to persevere. 
My “Fetish” Interests 
Latex and leather are both like a moment skin to me. I cherish wearing them, sit on a slave’s face and influence him to feel how well they shape my body. I additionally enthusiastically cherish boots and shoes with remorseless high rear areas, which enable me to overshadow the slave creeping under my feet. To wrap things up, you will once in a while observe me not wearing at any rate once one of my lash on dildos… 
My Philosophy 
S&M is not just a lifestyle, it is likewise the way I worsen want, extend limits, influence you to cross outskirts which you accepted far-off, and afterward influence you to come back with the odd inclination that you just vanquished new domains. Put stock in, regard, consideration are basic necessities for the voyage. Shared delight is the objective, a definitive objective, and the later it will be achieved the more exceptional the experience will be…